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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Total hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon removes part of the thigh bone (femur) including the ball (head of the femur) and replaces it with a new artificial joint which is often made from metal and plastic components. A total hip replacement surgery involves an incision about 3 to 6 inches long over the hip joint. The length of the incision depends on the size of the patient and complications of the procedure A newer approach that uses one or two smaller incisions to perform the procedure is called minimally invasive hip replacement. However, the minimally invasive procedure is not suited for all people who need hip replacement.

How Total Hip Replacement Surgery is Performed?

Total hip replacement surgery is a surgical process which is also known as total hip arthroplasty, In this surgery the damaged bone and cartilage is replaced with prosthetic components.
To relax your muscles, you are given general anesthesia During total hip replacement surgery. This general anesthesia will forbid you from feeling any pain during the operation.
The surgeon removes the head of femur and replaced it with a artificial joint which is placed into the bare center of the femur. This artificial joint is attached to the thigh bone by using either bone cement or screws to hold the metal in place.
In the next step, The new ball part of the thigh bone is inserted into the socket part of the hip. After that the surgeon reattaches the muscles and closes the incision by stitches.

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