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What is Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery?

Shoulder Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that is used to look for, diagnose and treat various problems within the place of shoulder joints and rotator cuff. This is done through small things that allow the combination of special tools. Arthroscope is a pencil-shaped device with a magnifying glass and a light source. It is connected to a small camera that projects a clear image of the joint on monitor, it allows surgeon to see all the structures within your shoulders.

When Shoulder Arthroscopy Is Recommended?

If you have a painful condition that does not respond to non-surgical treatment then your doctor may recommend shoulder arthroscopy. Non-surgical remedies include rest, physical therapy, and medicines or injections that can reduce inflammation. Swelling is one of the normal reactions of your body for injury or illness. In an injured or diseased shoulder joint, swelling causes swelling, pain and stiffness.

Benefits of Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery:

1. Minimum mark
2. Quick Functional Recovery
3. Less risks and complications
4. Better motion
5. No overnight hospital stay
6. Less pain and swelling

How Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery is Treated?

The surgeon injects fluid into the shoulder to increase the joint. Through the arthroscope the surgeon can see all the structures of your shoulder and increasing the shoulder joint makes it easier.
Then your surgeon makes a small incision on the effective area of your shoulder which is about the size of the buttonhole for the arthroscope. The fluid flows through the visible arthroscope to keep the scene clear and to control any bleeding. Images from the Arthroscope are presented on the video screen, which shows your surgeon the inside and any damage to your shoulder.
Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder (or shoulder scope) is a minimally invasive surgical technique which allows the surgeon to access, explore, and operate on the shoulder joint through very small incisions. The use of an arthroscope (a small instrument containing a lens and fiber optic lighting system) connected to a camera allows the surgeon to see a magnified.

Best Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgeon/Doctor in Jaipur, Rajasthan

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